Ultrasound at North Houston X-Ray and Imaging Center

If your doctor has ordered an ultrasound, North Houston X-Ray and Imaging Center is your ideal location. We can do your ultrasound scan in Houston TODAY!

Ultrasound Houston
Ultrasound Houston
  • We perform your ultrasound with the latest technology, for fast, accurate, vivid results.
  • We can set a same-day appointment for you. Walk-ins are also welcome! (Most ultrasound scans do not require specific preparation. Please call to see if the study your doctor has ordered has anything you need to do in advance.)
  • Each of our doctors is a board-certified radiologist.
  • Our friendly staff is caring and highly-qualified.  From the moment you walk through our door, your well being, comfort, and highest quality results are our top priority.
  • For most examinations, you’re in out in less than 90 minutes, often less than an hour.
  • The preliminary results of your ultrasound are sent to your doctor the same day. Full results are delivered within one business day.

We have plenty of free parking, and we’re conveniently located off I-45, just three miles north of I-610 North.

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What is Ultrasound Examination?

Ultrasound, also called sonogram, is a noninvasive, painless examination technique. Ultrasound generates real-time images of your body’s internal structures through the use of high-frequency sound waves.

During an ultrasound examination, you lie down on an examination table and the technician applies gel to the skin over the area to be imaged. The technician then moves a special handheld instrument called a transducer across the area. The transducer transmits sound waves to the body, and relays the information that the device receives back to the device to a computer.

Ultrasound technology can make features visible that ionizing x-rays cannot show, especially soft tissues features such as blood vessels, internal organs, and fetal development.

Ultrasound imaging requires no injection and involves no exposure to radiation.

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We appreciate your trust and we’re honored to serve you!

  • When we get your appointment request, we’ll call you to set up a time that works for you. We’ll also send you an email so you know we received your request.
  • Our goal is to call you within one business hour. We call for after-hour requests first thing the next business morning.
  • Some insurance companies require pre-approval for certain scanning procedures. Making an appointment gives us a chance to help you request that approval.